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i want turquoise dip dye hair , yes or no?

ywshrjkdys hahaha du mongo , jaa hab’s auch vor glaub das wird nice

i want turquoise dip dye hair , yes or no?

Ernest Hemingway (via nudelip)

(Quelle: showslow, via psych-facts)

Write drunk, edit sober.

10 Steps to Get a Good Start to Your Day


1. Slowly Wake Up 

2. Take a Shower

3. Wash Your Face

4. Brush Your Teeth 

5. Check your emails/updates. 

6. Listen to music. 

7. Lie down a little more. 

8. Go get breakfast. Eat your favorite meal. 

9. Write a to do list. 

10. Plan out your day. 

(via psych-facts)

lost 5kg & im motivated as fckkkk

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